Our Brand Story



DeMay skincare was born out of a very personal skincare journey, sparked by my deep understanding of ancestral plant knowledge of Brazil and a beloved and storied career in the fields of chemistry and cosmetic science.

I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a child my siblings and I suffered from a terrible skin condition. During this time, my mom would take care of our skin based on her family’s medicinal knowledge of plants.

I never forgot the day my oldest aunt came to visit us. She named more than one hundred different types of plants and their benefits! She talked with my mom on how to prepare, extract and apply plants to calm our skin irritation and how to protect it from getting worse. I was enchanted by their knowledge. It was one of the reasons I went to study chemistry, then cosmetic science.

My journey has become the foundation and guiding principle of our unique formulations that focus on gentle yet effective products that strengthen your skin to prevent irritation and to manage redness.

At DeMay, we leverage leading-edge science and recent technologies to create safe and effective cosmetics that support skin health.

Our mission is to provide skincare products that go beyond clean beauty, prioritizing the well being of your skin.

Through our love for skincare and science, we invest in fun learning. It is our way to show appreciation for the impact of science and to foster innovative thinking for future scientists and new discoveries.