Your Skin Health is Our Purpose

DeMay is inspired by curiosity and possibilities. Our skin biochemistry needs mirror our lifestyle and daily experiences. So, take a break. Caress your skin with DeMay. Embrace the changes and discover how our creations will amaze you.


We stand for LABEL TRANSPARENCY and product SAFETY. We want to make a giant impact on your skin. We will continually strive to do better for YOUR SKIN, for us, for our communities and every person that touches our creations. Respecting Earth and People by being socially and environmentally responsible. In today's changing landscape, there are so many interpretations of Clean Beauty, Natural vs. Organic, Animal Cruelty, and "Chemical Free From" that it is quite overwhelming to navigate all the information and misinformation. For this reason, we want to change the narrative to focus on the amazing ingredients in our formulas and tell you how they will keep


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Ingredient Safety & Performance

Meticulous when selecting our raw materials, we partner with the best research centers and manufactures of cosmetics ingredients to create our products. Thoughtful partners that protect biodiversity, comply with laws, and respect environment and local communities to drive a positive impact to benefit PEOPLE and PLANET.

Respect = Preservation

We love to learn from harvesting communities and their stories on how to respect the life cycle of forest and oceans, bringing innovative ingredients from partners that generates social and economical opportunities to local communities. And also, improve manufacturing processes that reduce environment impact and waste.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are not big and believe that every good, small step and actions count towards a better place for all of us: People with Passion and Imperfections, that value and RESPECT the differences. Generation of ideas and opportunities are possible when we foster a culture of



Our goal is to use recycled materials and minimize unnecessary packaging to reduce its material consumption associated with waste and environmental impacts. Let's recycle what is possible or have fun by repurposing them.

Our Values

  • Relentless Curiosity

    Experiment. Learn. Test. Tweak. Make it Better. Innovate.

  • Be Inquisitive

    Ask questions to find solutions and improve processes and products.

  • Act

    Small actions, generates great opportunities to All.