Oils on oily, breakout-prone skin

Oils on oily, breakout-prone skin

What is behind this misconception?

Applying oil products on oily skin is a huge misconception. In reality, oils can be a powerful addition to target specific concerns for those with oily, breakout-prone skin. It is important to understand the chemical composition of the oils and its benefits. After all, not all oils are comedogenic; in other words, not all oils clog pores resulting in breakouts and acne. Those with oily skin have overactive sebaceous glands that can cause inflammation leading to acne, not to mention large pores and a visibly shinny skin appearance. The key is to know what oil to choose and what formula suits your specific skin needs. You should aim for pure oil blends. Oils rich in phytoestrogens and linoleic acid can regulate the sebum production to prevent breakouts, but also add protection and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Oils products are booming in popularity. Don’t be intimidated by oils in your products. When used correctly, oils in your skincare routine can help you to achieve healthy, clear skin.

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